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I love the aspect of storytelling through my Wedding films

What started out as a hobby and interest quickly turned into a passion for me. My wife and I went on an amazing anniversary trip to Barcelona and I realized how much I enjoyed and loved documenting our moments together. After that, I had an opportunity to film a wedding for a friend and that began my journey as a wedding videographer. I love filming weddings because there is so much fun, laughter and beauty in it. Not only do I get to tell your love story as a filmmaker, I am also deeply honored to celebrate this joyous occasion with you as a friend. 

The name Sixteen 9 Films came from a verse out of the book of Psalms. I was going through a season of struggles with doubts and uncertainty during the early days of the pandemic but God assured me that everything will work out according to his plan and purpose, and He brought new found joy and gladness into my life through filmmaking.

While I’m not filming, I spend most of my time either working for a church or hanging out with my wife and kids. Some of my other passions include traveling, enjoying good coffee and playing and watching sports, particularly soccer and basketball.”

What makes a wedding film, a film as opposed to a video is the art of story telling. While every wedding may have the same structure or may be filmed in the same venue or location, what separates each wedding is the story that is told. Every couple is different which makes every love story different. Therefore, I believe every wedding film should be unique and authentic because it tells your love story.

My style involves a more emotionally driven story telling by incorporating good audio and great candid moments. Examples of good audio for me are candid interviews from the couples or love ones, or personal vows and speeches. Another important aspect of good audio is choosing the right music. Music has a way of evoking powerful emotional responses that make a film more enjoyable. As for great candid moments, I love to capture all the authentic reactions from the ceremony to the dance reception and all the in between moments that are sometimes missed. These are the raw and real moments that make the film more engaging and timeless for anyone who watches it. 


Couples deserve more than a cookie-cutter wedding film. I strive to create the perfect cinematic story-telling wedding film that highlights your day.

Your wedding video should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. It should capture not only the aesthetics, but the emotion behind your day.

There is beauty everywhere. No matter where you are tying the knot, from a small country church to a rainforest in Brazil, I'm there to bring out all the intimate details.

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